ePub Grey Knights (Grey Knights, #1-3) ePub

by Ben Counter

Omnibus collecting three Grey Knights stories. The setting is the Warhammer 40.000 universe, and the Grey Knights are Space Marines that are employed to hunt down daemons. The three stories follow the main protagonist, Alaric, in a fight to track down and destroy a daemon, on a quest to stop a daemon on a warp-infested planet (those who know Warhammer will understand), and as a captive turned gladiator for Chaos. In general Warhammer books work fine, as long as you can accept the inherent silliness of the universe and don’t stop and think too much. That didn’t work for me on this one. The first book was OK, but the second book was just weird (biological-technological hybridization and Chaos infested techpriest-heresy – it made my head hurt), and the third one plain silly. The start was promising enough (in a mediocre but OK Warhammer way), but it went downhill from there. If you don’t care about the more extreme Warhammer silliness, perhaps it’s something for you. The best I can say is that I managed to finish it.

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ePub Grey Knights (Grey Knights, #1-3)
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