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by Richard Rayner

An autobiographical cult travelogue firstpublished in 1988 and turned into a movie 10 years later,Los Angeles Without a Map sees Richard Raynerleave his long-term girlfriend and steady job back inLondon to fly on a whim to track down Barbara, a bunnygirl, athlete and party head. The plot is set for a goodoutsider tale witha rather straight Englishman pursuingthe affections of an American wild child in anenvironment that puts him at a distinct disadvantage.Despite having steeped himself in American culture sinceboyhood he has never been to the USA. Add to that thelack of a driving licence—not a useful situation to bein in the city of freeways and boulevards.

Rayner'seasy-going prose style and self-deprecatory humour meanthat this 186-page book rarely goes off the boil. As inso many films about the city, however, the city is thestar. Rayner attempts to come to terms with the city byliving out his movie fantasies, but doesn't explore thethemes of decadence, insanity and violence which have somuch to do with LA's make-up. At times Rayner's writingtends towards the stereotypical—thin on local detail andpopulated by predictable peripheral characters, frombodybuilders and religious freaks to a James Dean fanaticand a struggling scriptwriter. Those who are as obsessedas Rayner with the workings of the movie industry mayalso want to consult movies that cover the same material,like BartonFink and ThePlayer. —Tim Perry

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