ePub Chill Factor (Weather Warden, #3) ePub

by Rachel Caine


Fuck the Wardens.In particular, Paul and his cronies.Though Marion can suck it too.I don't give a shit about her tortured past.She made a choice.Fuck her.

Fuck the Djinn.Arrogant assholes."You broke him, you fix him."Fuck you Jonathan.He was "broken" saving your ass.

Fuck the Ma'at.Cowardly douchebags who are no better than the Wardens, and quite possibly are worse.

Fuck Lewis.She loves you, and you haven't spared even a pinch of care or respect for her.She would have gone along with your plan if you ASKED.She has gone along with your hare-brained shit before.Maybe you wouldn't be struggling with the whole "weight of the world" shit if you would actually fucking ALLOW a connection to people.Wah wah.I hope she's done rescuing your arrogant ass.Fuck you, Lewis.

Fuck David.You love her, and yeah, I love you.But can we stop being a martyr?Please?It is getting tiresome.It is to the point where, if she sneezes, I worry that you will pour out your lifeblood to cure her cold.Fuck.And also?Ask next time.Ask if she WANTS the help.It is her choice too, you asshole.

This series really makes me angry.I hate everyone in it.

Why am I reading this?


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ePub Chill Factor (Weather Warden, #3)
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