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by W. Craig Reed

Bad Boss BookApp is the only eBook and mobile app combination, created and written by a bestselling author, that helps you understand and resolve workplace issues and gain an enjoyable, productive, and stress-free professional life. In this BookApp, and in other pending PIERapp eBooks such as Best Boss BookApp and Best Love BookApp, you'll learn how to leverage enlightening information and innovative approaches to:

Discover your Personality Profile and why you act and react the way you do with others.
Learn about your Primary Fears, Beliefs, and Needs, and how to overcome your fears and leverage your beliefs to get what you need from others.
Match someone else’s Personality Profile against yours to see exactly why you both act and react the way you do with each other.
Uncover someone else’s Primary Fears, Beliefs, and Needs, and learn how to adjust your communication style and approach to improve your relationships.
Use honesty and truth vs. manipulation and façades to enhance your abilities to attain the best possible outcomes for all of your personal and professional relationships.
Enhance your ability to set appropriate boundaries; maintain a positive attitude; mitigate fear, uncertainty and doubt; and build a strong foundation for long-term happiness.
Leverage your newfound knowledge to transform your relationships from contentious and miserable to harmonious, effective, fun, and rewarding.
Unlike traditional books on this topic, this eBook has been personalized via the PIERapp just for you and your boss based on proven neuroscience and personality profile techniques. It’s designed to help you understand better what makes you tick, what makes your boss tick, why those two distinct ticks are currently out of tune, and how to harmonize both so you can potentially change a sour song into a beautiful melody.

Bad Boss BookApp uniquely combines decades of management consulting expertise and proven methodologies with the wisdom of dozens of professional experts, philosophers, consultants, executives, employees, and authors—including the late James Kavanaugh, who touched millions worldwide with his Search workshops and books.

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