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by Carol Tuttle

I bought this book to learn how to 'dress my truth'.Instead, it was an 'informercial' in paperback form (that I paid for!) without any information usable to me.It gave me my 'type', but in order to find out what that meant in terms of style, color, shape, etc - it is necessary to pay nearly $300 on the website.What good was it to me to find out the category Tuttle uses, without the information associated with it?I'm sure within the $299 session itself is the same information on type, else how would they know what to advise a customer.

That Tuttle is into 'energy' and 'healing' makes it worse that she used this method (buying nothing- a 'type') to entice people to pay for the 'real' information on the website.I said it was like a massage therapist accepting money from a client, then telling them for an hour how beneficial massage was."What, you actually WANT a massage? Well, that will be $299."

There should have been a code where the book purchaser could have received SOME information that could be put to use.

Her ideas may have value.I know my 'type'. I wish I could tell you what that looks like!Unfortunately, I don't have $300 to get that information.

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