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by Robert S. Feldman

Ever told someone they looked 'great' when they really looked awful?

Ever said you'd be 'there in a second' ... knowing it would be more like five minutes?

Ever made up an excuse to get out of a difficult situation?

Or claimed that you never told lies?



But don't feel bad - we all tell lies, all the time. Two to three times in a ten-minute conversation is the average according to the latest research. From the 'white lies' that help smooth over tricky social situations to lies told with intent to harm, lying plays a huge - and crucial - role in our society at every level.

Drawing on mindboggling examples of real-life liars who were caught in the act as well as years of research into deception, Robert Feldman, one of the world's leading authorities in the field, reveals the truth about why we lie, including how children learn to do it, what it costs us, how we benefit and how it can fail with catastrophic consequences.

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