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by Mary Hooper

Megan 3 is the final book in the Megan series and is sadly not as good as it predecessors. I was always rather disappointed by the fact that Megan 3 didn’t live up to the rest of the series and was hoping that rereading it now that I am older would change my perception of it a bit – sadly that wasn’t to be.

The third book in the Megan series takes place sometime after the end of the second book – with baby Jack now a one year old toddler. The book still shows Megan’s struggles with being a young mum and having to deal with everything that goes along with that but it just doesn’t have the same flow and edge which went with the previous books.

The third book features the introduction of Megan’s mum’s boyfriend. The boyfriend character was obviously written in give some sense of danger to the series. It is obvious to the reader from very early on that everything isn’t what it seems with this character. I don’t think the storyline is dealt with very well especially once it has been revealed the true extent of his character relating to baby Jack.

I also felt that maybe things felt a little weird in the Lorna and Mark story. Maybe because things moved so quickly in Megan 2 and the abruptness of the ending of the second book meant that now things have progressed it feels a little strange. I suppose I would have liked to have read the immediate fallout of Megan’s discovery .

This is the only book in the series which does not end with a cliffhanger which makes it pretty obvious to the reader that this is the final part of the series. I didn’t find the ending particularly strong and it was rather disappointing. The end comes rather suddenly and just didn’t do it for me. Megan 3 is still as realistic and honest as the other books in it’s portrayal of teen motherhood – shown not only through Megan but also her friends at Poppies – but it just isn’t the same as the other two books. As a conclusion to a strong series it is quite weak but it serves it’s purpose – to close the series.

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