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by Don Lasseter

I'd say this is written a little better than the average t.c. I was a little surprised in the beginning to read how much of the book revolved around the prosecutor. I don't remember a t.c. ever going so in depth with anyone besides the criminal(s) and/or victim(s). Dennis Conway (the prosecutor) actually has had a pretty interesting life, especially if you think about the impression most people get of the average prosecutor. Most people think of a stuffy, walk-the-straight-line, goody-goody type. Conway wasn't this type. The disasters the man went through in his familial home, his private life, and then his adult family home are alone astonishing. Most people would have buckled under the weight.
So after reading about him a bit I really didn't mind. I didn't *mind* it in the beginning either, it was just something I found somewhat odd.
One thing that really disturbed me is the speculation about Namey's tattoo. I really got the impression that anyone with a tattoo would be a suspected gang member in Lasseter's eyes. Please don't get me wrong, he doesn't like tattoos? No problem. I like them. But my having abutterfly above my daughters name doesn't make me a gang member. I took issue with how this was talked about.
For one, a "picture" of Namey's tattoo was displayed in the book above the following: "The hospital examination of Namey revealed strange tattoos on his legs." What the hell is so strange about the letters "SO CAL". I've visited California exactly one time and that was L.A. and I'm aware that this is representative of Southern California, hence the 'SO. CAL.' minus the periods. But see, what Lasseter doesn't explain is that this picture only shows the 'A', the bottom of the 'L' and a tiny, tiny portion of what must be the 'C'. Is that fair?
To go a step further on this, this is supposedly a hospital picture. Were the hospital or police trying to make this into something it's not? I can't believe I'm commenting "for" a murderer but you know, with all of the ass kissing and bending over backwards going on for criminals, none of which I agree with, I don't think it's right to alter things to make them look worse for anyone. The truth is the truth. As far as I can see the guy went out and got a tattoo because he wanted - for whatever reason - to represent Southern California. Leave that part alone. I mean, this man has done enough to condemn him for! A tattoo?! Really.
This isn't about this book per se but I wanted to include a little note mostly for friends who may read this but also for anyone else who cares. Lasseter outlined the Adriana Vasco case from the book Deadly Mistress by Michael Fleeman (very good book by the way.) This was talked about as an example of Conway's skills as a prosecutor.
I also had a problem with something that a Dr. Christina J. Johns was quoted saying. (I'm interested in other women's thoughts on this.)
"Women do find the rape scenario attractive and appealing and exciting... women want to be raped by Robert Redford."
Okay, I won't touch the Redford thing, I know chicks used to dig him back in the day. Seeing as how this is 2011 and Redford, if he's alive, is probably 104 years old let's go with someone a little more... well, "appealing". For me anyway. Let's use Eminem. He's a cutie. 50. Paul Walker. One of them for this purpose. Let's use the name Paul. I can honestly say that rape has never been "appealing" to me. Nor has it been "attractive" or "exciting". Quite the opposite actually. I think it's disgusting. I think anyone - man or women - who falls to such depths is a disgusting pig who should do the world a favor and kill themselves. (*I don't mean the so call "rape" between two teens having consensual sex.)
I take major issue with Johns not wording her thoughts better. According to her, all women fantasize about being raped at the least, at the most we want to be raped.
I'm not able to grasp why these words left her mouth or why Lasseter thought it a good idea to include this. That sentence alone tells me she's not smart enough to tell me anything. I can't imagine how many women this will piss off. And this is a doctor that said this. She and Lasseter, IMO, slammed any and every woman and man who have ever been a victim of rape or attempted rape. My head spins when I think about this world I inhabit sometimes.
Before Namey shot and killed Sarah and show and paralyzed Matt he'd been no stranger to police. A few highlights of his criminal career:
Namey had previously pulled a gun on an ex-girlfriend, after forcing her car to pull over and after being served with a restraining order (just as with Sarah and Matt.)
Namey assaulted his own sister after she refused to give him money. That one charge, had there been a conviction in reference to the altercation between him and his sister, could have - should have resulted in 1-4 years in prison, up to $10,000 in fines, or both.
Why didn't anything happen? Why do people have to die for the police to do their jobs? If someone is capable of doing this once they're capable of doing it twice.
I'm not saying he should have done life in prison after the first time. No one was physically hurt after all. But if he had done a few years and had a fine he couldn't pay maybe, just freaking maybe, he would have thought twice about doing it again.
An extra thought, I do not understand how defense attorneys - like Namey's and what's-his-name that got Anthony off - sleep at night. Their tactics are so underhanded. I think it should be a law that if an attorney gets someone like that off they need to have them visit in their own home, work for them, something of the sort for a period of time. That brings a smile to my face. Would Namey's attorney have wanted him around his own daughter? His wife maybe? Hmmmmm.
All in all it's a good book. A little over 400 pages and it's actually a fast one. I took five days to finish it because of other things getting in the way. I would have finished it in under two days normally.

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