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by Catherine Coulter

This novel began with intrigue but it didn't take long for only the hope of maybe somehow getting a somewhat satisfactory resolution kept me reading. The author gets us to a small town with apparently some deep secrets. We wander (and wonder) for the remainder of the book; only to have many things never explained or resolved and a quick wrap-up to end the main part of the story.

The characters aren't even sure who they are. The hero was seriously injured before the story began but manages to do all this physical stuff. The author did remember this at times, so occasionally the hero is tired or his side hurts. This is usually after he's done a bunch of physical things from which to get tired without any injury.

The motivation for the "crime" seems to keep changing and it is rarely clear why anyone (good or bad) is doing anything.

The "good" guys getting captured and then getting away from the "bad" guys was so contrived - especially when they did it the same way twice. We spent so much time in the rainforest I began to hope one of the creatures would just end it for us all.

The adult situations are pointless and only add to the shallow makings of the characters.

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