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by Mallory Monroe

It is now official....Salvatore aka Sal has become my favorite Gabrini Lol!!!

You know people can say whatever they want to about Sal but the one thing that can't or will ever be denied is, Sal is who is says he is, nothing fake or misunderstood. He is a lover and a fighter, loyal till the end and you have got to love a man like that.

I always wanted to know who Sal and Tommy's mother was. Since we got a lot of their bastard father a few stories back and the scum is no longer amongst the land of the living (Celebration I'm telling you). I often wondered what kind of woman would leave her children with that sadistic demon, especially when Sal or Tommy spoke about her not wanting anything to do with them and even so much as assaulting Sal when he did manage to find her. I still wasn't willing to give her the benefit of the doubt but wanted to hear her story or excuse nonetheless. Well I got my answer and if you are wondering what it is, you will just have to read and find out *wink wink*

If you want to know what kind of a relationship you have just let troubled times enter the picture and you will get your answer. Gemma and Sal were both in a bad way, Gemma's came from being a young and naive college student in love with the wrong man. Sal's came for that need to feel validated at least in one of his parents eyes. What made this believable is that it is entirely true, sometimes we find ourselves wanting or doing things that may in our mind seem right at the time but years later or better yet when our eyes are opened to the truth, we finally see that jacked up mess or what it really is and how it is way better for us to no longer be associated with it. But sometimes things have a way of finding us and not in a good way either and it must be dealt with immediately. This is what happened to Gemma and Sal and let me tell you right now, those two have emerged stronger, more in love and more committed to each other. Two people who appear to be so marginally different, who are on opposite sides of the spectrum couldn't be more right more right or each other. Sal and Gemma got it right with each other.

Now some people may feel that Sal is too bossy, arrogant, alpha, loud at times and rude but I say that is the Gabrini way. That is the way the know to protect their families and if you get in their way of doing so, you will find yourself pushing daisies out of your a%^ in your grave. It's just that simple. Now there are trill quite a few people who oppose this union and each Gabrini has faced great opposition. But woe to those who have because they have lost greatly in the end. It will be the same for Sal if anyone tries to keep him from his Queen Gemma, all I can say is "Woe for you"

Well Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas!

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