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by Cash Peters

An enlightening, informative, and witty look at Candida.

Award-winning travel writer and radio journalist Cash Peters takes another fascinating journey, this time into a world that very few of us fully understand - our own body.

Candida albicans is a yeast that sits benignly inside of us, until certain conditions arise that cause it to go berserk and start to spread. When it does, it can lead to a host of mysterious ailments, from acne to memory problems, psoriasis to hearing loss, to tinnitus to colitis, to fatigue, to Crohn's disease, and even cancer and M.S. Experts in this field claim it affects as many as 30% of the population.

Finding himself a part of that 30% statistic, and dogged by a variety of troubling ailments, including deafness, strange food allergies, rashes, acne, and dizziness, Peters submits to a full immersive experience. Like a human crash test dummy, he commits to a month-long experiment: a take-no-prisoners 30-day Candida cleanse, in an effort to establish the real cause of a yeast overgrowth and to possibly beat back its advances before it becomes even more serious.

The resulting journal is remarkable, the insights more touching and thought-provoking than many medical books on the subject, and the conclusions positive enough to give others who are dealing with a pernicious invasion of Candida albicans a ray of hope.

Illustrated with photographs from the cleanse, there has not been a book like this before, and there may never be again!

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