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by Marilynn Griffith

plot summary: what happens, when & where, central characters, major conflicts[return]dana has been a bridesmaid 10 times, and at this latest wedding she doesn't duck fast enough when the bouquet comes zingng her way.sporting a scratch from the thorns, she just wants to go home to her pint of chunky monkey ice cream when she runs into her ex-boyfriend.dana keeps experiencing one misfortune after another in this book, but she also keeps trying to live the way god would want her too.so when a client wants to hire her to be in her wedding, and gives her a 29 page handbook of instructions, she just smiles graciously and says "sure" (ok, she really needed the cash as well).but eventually dana needs to learn that god also wants her to take care of herself—a lesson that won't come easy and that will take the help of her girlfriends, family, and even that ex-boyfriend.[return][return][return]style characterisics: pacing, clarity, structure, narrative devices, etc.[return]packed with humor, although the author doesn't always make the best word choices.the situations are exaggerated and not very realistic, but that is part of what makes it so humorous and fun.dana tells the story throughout, with a typical modern tone and with a voice that reflects her african american culture.[return][return][return]how good is it?[return]a fun read, for laughing out loud when you need a fun escape from reality—yet with a subtle lesson about life thrown in.

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