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by Raymond Aron

In this essay, Raymond Aron, one of Europe's foremost commentators on the contemporary scene, discusses lucidly and thoroughly many of the problems which today perplex peoples and governments alike: the struggle over disarmament in the face of fear, the difficult balance which must be struck between thermonuclear and traditional weapons, the effect of the new weapons upon the diplomatic struggle, the future of the Atlantic alliance, and, most important, the possibility of total war. Mr. Aron believes that thermonuclear bombs will bring neither complete peace nor annihilation to humanity in the near future, and therefore he questions the realism of Western military preparations. For the first time in history mankind is preparing for a war which neither side wishes to fight, but are we preparing for the war which is most likely to occur? Mr. Aron answers that we are not and supports his case with arguments of the utmost importance to every American. (from back cover)

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