ePub Answers to Your Digestive Questions ePub

by Elizabeth Lipski

Elizabeth Lipski PhD, CCN is the author of "Digestive Wellness" (Mcgraw Hill 2004). This e-book is a talk given by Dr. Lipski. Topics include: Understand why your digestive system is your "Second Brain" See the role your digestive system plays in auto-immune illnesses and other diseases Most of us do not get enough fiber. Find out how much your body needs and why Discover why taking antibiotics or eating poorly can disrupt your digestive balance Food allergies: Find out how many people actually have them 24% of people think they are affected by food sensitivities Understand why food sensitivities can be more menacing than food allergies Hear about the best type of food allergy test for you Learn what an elimination diet is and how it can identify your food allergies Bacteria is important to your digestive system Find out what foods naturally have good bacteria for you Discover what kind of probiotics to buy and how much you should take Learn which probiotic supplements will help prevent a leaky gut Uncover a type of licorice and two easy-to-find herbs that soothe your heartburn Getting older? Find out how aging causes digestive deficiencies Learn how your sleep routine fits with a good diet

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ePub Answers to Your Digestive Questions
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