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by Meghan Telpner

A fabulous, practical, and modern guide to true health from a fresh and engaging holistic nutritionist with an inspiring and transformational message. Without ever using the word “diet,” Meghan Telpner encourages readers to make major life changes small change by small change using the latest nutritional science, a fun and encouraging voice, and an “abundance mindset.” Ideal for those seeking a gluten-free plan, an accessible path to health, and an encouraging coach.


UnDiet  answers the question many people have when they realize it’s time for a change in their diets, a change in their health, and a change in their lives: Where do I start? Without being too far off the mainstream path, this book offers a simple, attainable, and most importantly, maintainable approach to living life well. With her strong, appealing personality, Telpner guides readers towards optimal gluten-free health by incorporating simple lifestyle modifications. Information is explained with refreshing clarity and vibrant passion, making it easy to follow the ideas off these highly designed pages and into everyday life.


When Meghan was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 26, and told her incurable condition could only be treated with surgery and a lifetime of medication, this wellness warrior gave up her career in advertising, her gym membership, and each of her nineteen doctors. Instead, she began practicing yoga, making smart nutritional modifications, and adding awesome herbal remedies into her life. Within four weeks she was completely symptom-free, and remains so six years after her diagnosis.


UnDiet shares all Meghan learned on her journey to healthfulness, a movement based on vibrant, healthy abundance. Now a certified nutritionist and successful blogger with a dedicated following around the world, she offers a lifestyle based not on deprivation and painful restrictions, but vitality, mindfulness, and joy. Infused by her signature positive, accessible, and encouraging voice, Meghan motivates readers to question the accepted paradigms and join her program to transform their lives, small change by small change. With Meghan’s help, we soon discover how our level of health and happiness is our own responsibility and the grand missing component of total health is our attitude. When we raise the bar of how we care for and think of ourselves, that standard gets raised in all aspects of our lives. Eat your way to the life of your dreams!


Includes a plan for an 8-week transformation and more than 35 delicious gluten-free vegetarian and vegan recipes. Take control of your health naturally and follow Meghan’s invitation to take what you can, leave what you’re not ready for, and maybe you’ll come back to it later. Just start: Today is the day.



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