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by J. Gregory Smith

The Flame Keepers J. Gregory Smith

J. Gregory Smith is going to be a smashing success!This phrase was in one of my earlier reviews of Greg's books.I have revised my opinion.Greg is a smashing success and Flame Keepers certainly shows it. The plot is pulled off of the front pages and the potential for domestic terrorists. The story clearly shows that the profit incentive is a major incentive to terrorism.Sadly I concur and have to wonder what the breakdown is between narco terrorism and oil terrorism.Perhaps that is my cynical side but regardless of my agreement, this book provides a reasonably plausible domestic terrorism tale.

Mr. Smith provides us with a new protagonist, Lukasz Gardocki, in this fresh action adventure. Lukasz is a retired SEAL who is somewhat bored. A voice from a dead team member changes that with overwhelming rapidity.

Lukasz goes from mothballing luxury yachts to undercover operative in mere days. He claims it is due to a debt he owes to a dead friend but part of his motivation is his overwhelming boredom with his current life.

A psychotic messiah, bikers and misanthropes mixed with idealistic and naive societal outcasts provide a wide range of characters for the book.

For the romantics Alecia brings a love interest to round out a very convincing plot.

Oddly one of the settings is a former missile silo and I had just researched mothballed government installations from the cold war.You can buy a decommissioned missile silo if you have the bucks.So ending with a sobering thought of miscreants holed up in a decommissioned, impregnable government facility I highly recommend this book!

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I enjoyed all of them but this book was even better.

BTW when shopping in a hardware store the other day I saw a box marked Flame Keepers and got quick chill down my back. In this case it turned out to be a type of Tiki Light for outdoor events but it shows the power of this story.

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