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by Jennifer Roberts

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"Sex" is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.
—Marquis de Sade

Satisfy your appetite with these sinfully erotic stories of bisexual ménage a trois. Whatever your flavor and whatever you kink, these stories are sure to whet your appetite and please you again and again.

L.E.I.A. (League of Extraordinary Indie Authors) features up and coming indie erotica authors: T.S. Addison, Anthony Beal, Dani Brown, Daisy Dunn, Mistress Rae, Jennifer Roberts, Laura B. Cooper and K. Rowe.

Carnivalé by Mistress Rae
A young woman having relationship issues is encouraged by her best friend to come to a carnival-themed ‘sex party’ to indulge in the night’s festivities. Menage/MMF/MMM/MF

Strokin’ in the Men's Room by K. Rowe
Brenda Sills has her sights on a promotion. In the past, she’s stooped to unprecedented levels to get what she wanted. This time is no exception. But her rival, Jordan, wants the position too, and he knows what dirty little deeds she’s carried out. And the only way Brenda can think of getting that promotion is to sleep her way to the top with Senior VP Philip Branson.

When Philip agrees to meet Brenda in the executive wash room, things get interesting when Jordan appears. Then it’s a game of sex, blackmail, and submission before a decision is made on who gets the promotion. Who will it be? Brenda or Jordan? Who will sink to a new low to get what they want? (MMF)

Surprise by Laura Cooper
Sarah returns home early in an effort to surprise her husband.The surprise is all hers when she climbs the stairs to her bedroom to find her husband in bed with someone else.The surprise gets even better when she realizes it’s their next door neighbor, Sam.She quickly turns her anger into passion as she demands to see what’s going on. (MMF)

Leopard’s Eye by Daisy Dunn
Fallon and Reece, two female warriors and leopard shifters, have been called upon by their king to find the Leopard’s Eye, a gemstone with magical powers. Taken prisoner by the wolf king, they realize he desires a night of pleasure with them. Little does he know they have desires of their own. (FFM)

Seducing Sunshine by Jennifer Roberts
Things get hot and heavy between three sexy college students as they explore themselves, each other, and their boundaries. (MMF)

Rumble in the Jungle by T.S. Addison
Melanie went to Belize looking for adventure, and a little excitement. She found both, on a trek through the rain forest with her guides Brock and Layla. Together, they show Mel just how steamy the jungle can get. (FFM)

Y'know They Come in Threes by Anthony Beal
Since childhood, Eden, Chapel, and Gideon have been best friends, linked by paranormal gifts that made them different from everyone else.Over time, they learned to harness their talents to fight evil, becoming lovers in the process.When Gideon is killed in action,they find a way to bring him back. (MMF)

Office Advancement by Daisy Dunn
Belle’s in competition with her co-worker James to climb the corporate ladder. One night, she decides to stay late to impress her boss, Violet. A wave of desire washes over Belle, and she decides to touch herself at her workstation, believing no one is in the office. When she finishes, she realizes she's being watched.(FFM)

About Last Night by Dani Brown
Andromeda, Trace, and Jacob are three individuals who have one striking thing in common—they love to party.

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