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by Lois Duncan

Reference information:
Title Don’t Look Behind You
Author Lois Duncan
Publisher Laurel-Leaf Year 1989
# of pages 179 Genre Fiction
Reading level 6.4 Interest level grade 7-11
Potential hot lava:none

General response/reaction:
This book grabbed my attention from the first page.I absolutely loved the book!Duncan used a lot of good vocabulary that students would be able to understand, as well as situations all students can relate to.I was able to read this book in an hour and a half because it was a real page turner.I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next and if everyone was going to make it out safely.

Subjects, Themes, and Big Ideas:
The main theme of the novel is loss of identity.The family is completely uprooted from all they knew; however, they stick together and everything turns out okay.While reading this novel, I realized that no matter what, as long as you have family, everything will turn out okay.Right after the uprooting, the family hopes that the changes will be temporary, but quickly start to realize that things will never go back to what they were.Another theme is acceptance because April is not able to change the past events, so she needs to be able to accept these changes and move on with her life.

• April Corrigan/Valerie Weber - eleventh grade tennis star who has everything, until her family enters WPP and leaves everything behind
• Bram Corrigan/Jason Weber – eight year old brother who doesn’t understand why they moved
• Steve – April’s boyfriend who betrayed her as soon as she moved away
• Jim Peterson – bodyguard in charge of watching the Corrigan family who’s fate ended because Valerie was selfish

Plot summary:
April Corrigan had everything, until her family had to enter into the Witness Protection Program and change her name to Valerie Weber.Her father was working undercover for the FBI and his identity was revealed to a big hit mobster.The family was relocated to Florida and had a hard time keeping their identities secure.After multiple ‘slip-ups’ the mobster found Val and her grandma, Loralie.After a strong fight, the Corrigan family all survived and the mobster was killed.However, the family needed to be moved again because they knew that another mobster would be hired.

Strengths (including reviews and awards):
• New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age
• ALA Best of the Best Book for Young Adults

Drawbacks or other cautions:
I do not think there would be any drawbacks.

Teaching ideas:
• What is revenge to you?How is revenge the driving force behind the Witness Protection Program?How is April the victim of revenge?
• Divide the class into two groups and get them to act out a suspenseful scene for the novel.
• Stop reading after chapter 14.How do you think the book will end?Make predictions in a paper as to what will happen to Valerie and the rest of the family.

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