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by Elizabeth Sinclair

So...I somehow missed the word "plantation" in the back-cover blurb, and thought this novel was set on an English estate. Nope, it turns out that I've just purchased a romance novel about a woman who owns slaves. Oh, but it's ok, because she doesn't abuse her slaves like that bad, nasty man who owns the next plantation over. The slaves have really stereotypical accents, too, always saying "Laws-a-mercy" and such.

It's not that I won't read novels with slavery in them. But it deserves to be taken seriously and examined critically, not just used as set dressing in a light "escapist" book. And oh, the accents. The accents.

The book is narrated in Sara's voice, not that of an omniscient narrator. Which makes for a big head-scratcher when a mansion is described as "antebellum." It's 1855. THE WAR HASN'T HAPPENED YET.

I'm at page 33. Can't decide whether to keep reading and see what breaks my brain next, or call it a loss.

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