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by Paul Brett Johnson

After reading the childrens picture book The Bearhide and the Crow there were a few things that I,a future educator, found a little disturbing. I think that the appropriate age group for this book is early primary grades(K-3)in elementary schools and because of this the message that children of that age group may recieve from this book I do not find appropriate. I get from this book the message that it is okay to take something that doesnt belong to you if the person or people who obtained it first are "bad guys". I think that instead of teaching children that if you find something that isn't yours you should turn it in to lost and found or give it someone of authority it teaches young children the concept of "finders keepers". If you found it, its yours and you're free to do with it as you please, no matter who may actually looking for it. I also believe that it sends a message to children that getting revenge is an okay. That if someone does something to you that you dont like instead of learning from it or forgiving them its quite alright to pay them back even if it means lying and tricking someone. I find these messages disturbing because these are two things that children struggle with everyday in school. "If I find money or find something that I want even if it doesnt belong to me is it alright to take it?" "If someone tricked me during recess,the whole class laughed and it embarrased me so should I get revenge by lying and tricking that person tomorrow just so they feel how I did?" As a future educator I would not want my students reading something that answers "yes" to these questions forming in their little heads. If anything I would use this book to teach my students a lesson of what NOT to do! In this book the illustrations were simple and not very detailed I noticed that several of the pages had a lot of white space on them as well. These simple illustrations with what seems to be water color was appropriate for the text of the book because it was simple as well. I do believe that this book would make a good read aloud because there is a lot of converstional dialogue that the children could also be a part of. You could have one child read aloud Sam's dialogue and another child read Amos' to help engage the class in the book.

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