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by R.M. Johnson

After police plant drugs in Bishop Larry Lakes’s car, he is arrested and charged with illegal drug possession with intent to distribute.
Having no other options, Larry transfers ownership of his new church to Mayor Richard Bonner—the man that orchestrated Larry’s arrest—in order to have the charges dismissed and allow Larry’s release.
Regaining his freedom, Larry realizes he has nothing else.
All of his money has been taken to pay off the boys he molested.
Larry’s wife, Marian, has taken his mansion and sole custody of his children and plans to marry Paul—her one-time personal assistant. As though not insult enough, Mayor Bonner has accomplished his goal of leaving Larry without a church to head, killing his chances of ever preaching again.
Once the most powerful, most revered spiritual leader in the south, Larry is now homeless and penniless. He has no church, his name has no value, and his family has been taken.
He tells himself suicide would be a more fitting end than what his future now holds. But before he shamefully disappears into obscurity, he plots revenge against Mayor Bonner—the man he once respected, Paul Taylor—who Larry trusted, and Marian—the woman he vowed to love, honor and protect.
Larry promises—willing to give his life in the effort—they will pay with all they hold dear, know the pain of having their lives torn apart, and rue the day they ever deceived Bishop Larry Lakes.

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