ePub The Adventure of the Empty House (The Return of Sherlock Holmes, #1) ePub

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Dr. Watson was following the crime of murder against the Honorable Ronald Adair with the citizens of London. Returning to England from the Australian colonies with his mother and sister, the Adairs took residence at 427 Park Lane and were seen in aristocratic circles until his untimely death on March 30, 1894.

An easy going young man, recently free of an engagement by mutual consent, Ronald spent time between three card clubs. In fact, he and Colonel Moran had recently won four hundred-twenty pounds against playing partners Mr. Murray and Sir John Hardy. It was on the evening of a card game that the victim returned home, sat by the fire with an open window for circulation, and wrote the names and amounts of money owed to gilted opponents. Lady Maynooth and her daughter found Ronald with a fatal head shot. The door required breaking into, as it was secured from the inside. The window could have been an entry, but the drop was twenty feet with no footprints.

Watson was perplexed, as he'd been on several cases in the three years Sherlock Holmes has been missing and presumed dead. On the chance that he could discern a clue, Watson went to the Park Lane home and looked up at the window described in the inquest. Stepping backwards, he bumped into an old, white haired, deformed man carrying a stack of books...a bibliophile to be sure! Watson was amazed to hear Mr. Sherlock Holmes' voice from the mouth of the old man, and see his face after believing him to be dead...

Where had Mr. Holmes been, and why did he choose THE ADVENTURE OF THE EMPTY HOUSE to make himself known? What is the connection between Prof. Moriarty's death and the murder of Ronald Adair? And who is the owner of the empty house?

Welcome back, Sherlock, but be careful, there is a "wild beast" you are about to hunt down in the dark jungle of criminal London. Highly Recommended!

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ePub The Adventure of the Empty House (The Return of Sherlock Holmes, #1)
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