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by Guido Crepax

Serendipitous no doubt...

Whilst sorting through some fishing gear in a box, John came across one of his French friend's books (Gérard died a few years ago unfortunately).

Well I laid my hands on it and had to read it. The blurb to the book states it all:

"Two adaptations of erotic characters into comic strip form. Guido Crepax visualises the stories of De Sade's "Justine" and Pauline Reage's "O" being initiated into the worlds of submission, mistresses and masters."

The cartoons are magnificent (in black and white) in this work but some, to me anyway, are pornographic and it's a shame that it is a translation into the French from the Italian. But still the contents are remarkable and as I've never read "Justine" by the Marquis de Sade, I must rectify that.

In the first adaptation, we come across bondage, monks, soldiers, villainous sadistic creatures tormenting poor Justine. She's enjoying it, of course, and the cartoons are a delight.

The second part with "L'Histoire d'O", this is also excellent but more sensuous and titillating than the first.

I know nothing about this individual but I found the following review on Amazon which helped to enlighten me:

"Guido Crepax (1933-2003) was a renowned illustrator/artist of erotic literature and stories, and "Justine and the Story of O," published by Evergreen, is one of his works and is now a collector's item. I have the good fortune of purchasing this work of his in brand new condition at a considerable discount (more than 50% off) in a well-known local bookstore in New York City more than 12 years ago.

The first story, "Justine or the Misfortune of Virtue," is written by the notorious Marques de Sade in 1791. For those who are not familiar with this work, it is a story about 2 sisters, Justine and Juliette, and their trials and tribulations. In this book, Guido changed the background story a bit, omitting that Justine's and Juliette's father fell in love with another man's woman and jumped right to his bankruptcy and ruin that set the two sisters each on their separate journeys in life. In several other areas, Guido also took the liberty to make minor changes to the story and this adaptation is effective in keeping the story focused. The virtuous Justine, we are told through Guido's illustrations, constantly faces adversity and could not escape a life of misfortunes, while the corrupted Juliette enjoys a life of luxury."

In conclusion, I loved it and I've definitely come across another side of my nature that I never knew existed.I must be philosophical about it all though and enjoy...

I also found in my research on this book:

"Let me finish with a quote from the introduction: "...books like this are carefully hidden in every library so that people always find them"."

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