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by Charles R. Hulten

Conference Volume. The Legacy of Reaganomics: An Overview, "Charles R. Hulten" and "Isabel V. Sawhill"; Implications of Growth Accounting Models, "John W. Kendrick"; Incentive Effects of Taxes on Income from Capital: Alternative Policies in the 1980s, "Don Fullerton" and "Yolanda K. Henderson"; How Much Have the Reagan Administration's Tax and Spending Policies Increased Work Effort? "Robert H. Haveman"; The Effects of International Competition on U.S. Economic Growth, "Paul Krugman"; Federal Spending Priorities and Long-Term Economic Growth, "Donald A. Nichols"; Alternative Measures of Federal Investment Outlays, "Charles L. Schultze"; The Legacy of Current Macroeconomic Policies, "Lawrence H. Summers"; The Message in the Models, "Alan S. Blinder"; Ideology and Economic Growth, "Mancur Olson"; Reaganomics and Economic Growth: A Summing Up, "William Nordhaus."

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