ePub Carina Pays For Service - Mens Erotica ePub

by Joe Wolfe

Do you love a good erotic short story? Are you into male domination?

Do you want something with a real story not just badly written fluff? Then this mens erotica book is for you.
Plumbing for Pussy Stories are erotic adult short stories about the sexual misadventures of Joe, an ordinary guy with some extraordinary erotic tales to tell. There are several mens erotica books in his “Plumbing for Pussy Stories” series including themes such as forced seduction.

Why is the series aptly named “Plumbing for Pussy Stories?” Joe is a plumber, who works for State Housing. The women he encounters are real desperate housewives, desperate to get their leaking plumbing fixed. As Joe says:“The easiest way for them to get it done is to lay the plumber.” Joe is always willing to help them out in these alpha male books. Is what he’s doing really classified as forced seduction? In a way yes, even if his victims usually go down quite willingly.

This Mens Erotica short story is definitely Adults Only!

You will encounter graphic description of various sex acts and sexual organs, coarse language, Joe’s unique life philosophy, as well as a few tips to improve and enhance your own sex life. If you are a real man, or as Joe calls himself “a tough guy”, you will be able to identify with Joe and his kind of plumbing services,

Books in the Plumbing For Pussy Stories series are in the male erotica category, centering around male domination of willing women, but because Joe Wolfe erotic stories are light hearted and at times funny, women usually enjoy them as well.

And if you are a woman who wants to have a peep at how tough guys go about getting their daily pussy, you will enjoy these erotic male domination books as well.

This Mens Erotica book in the pussy series is explicit and involves male domination.

Here's a few titbits from "Carina Pays For Service - Mens Erotica."

These broads are realistic, unpretentious, and willing. They know they are no beauties, so they make up for it by trying harder, doing without flinching even the most perverted things I ask of them. They just do it without batting their eyelid.
They are realistic about what their role in our short relationship is supposed to be. They know that they have to provide me with complete satisfaction of my carnal demands and fantasies.
Basically, they need to do whatever I want from them without any complaining, bitching, protesting.And they do it, just like that. What more can a randy guy ask for?

This Mens Erotica book is approx 7 200 words long

WARNING this book contains the following: BDSM, erotic scenes, coarse language

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