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by Curtis Smith

Providing the range of mail-related services expected by organizations can be a confusing, daunting process. "Pro Open Source Mail: Building an Enterprise Mail Solution" presents a comprehensive guide to managing the most important e-mail services, including user administration, mail transfer agents, remote e-mail access, virus protection, spam and e-mail filtering, web-based e-mail, and mailing list maintenance.

Beginning with installation and configuration of the popular server-based operating system Fedora Core, the book outlines the system and network preparation process geared towards running a complete enterprise e-mail system. Subsequent chapters cover installation and configuration of sendmail, the popular POP3/IMAP server Dovecot, and ClamAV and SpamAssassin for virus protection and spam filtering. With a nod to the global e-mail availability now required by many organizations, this book also guides you through configuration of a web-based mail interface, mailing-list software, and advanced security and privacy topics.

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