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by David Gordon

Amazing X-rays: Pets reveals amazing details about the animals we love the most-cats, dogs, guinea pigs, horses, and other pets! With this unique book, curious kids can learn about the bones, muscles, and other inner structures of the world's most popular pets.

How can a chameleon hold tightly to tree branches? Why does a pond turtle have webbed feet? What's the biggest bone in the parrot's body, and how does it help the parrot fly? Examining the X-rays included in this book explains the answers to these questions and many more. Kids will learn what an animal's bones can tell us about the way it moves, the way it eats, and the way it grows. And with X-rays of both baby and adult animals, they'll get a complete picture of the way these inner structures change throughout the animals' lives.

With 16 X-rays and a built-in light box, Amazing X-rays: Pets gives kids tons of opportunities to see what's going on under an animal's skin-and to discover the truly awe-inspiring ways that their bones tell the stories of their lives.

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