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by Ann Turnbull

The Frightened Forest was one of my favorite books when I was a young teen. My copy fell apart long ago from overuse, but I found hardcover copy on eBay and snatched it up. This book has aged pretty well, written by UK author Ann Turnbull.

The story is filled with wonderful images of the English countryside, and the setting of the old rail tunnel is deliciously spooky. I loved the conflict between the witch and the wizard, and the role that the three children played in helping decide the final battle.

As a warning for my American friends, there's lots of British English vernacular.For example, I remember thinking it really odd when one of the characters woke up after falling asleep on a "torch"—after all, when I was that age, I read books like The Hobbit and The Princess and the Goblin, where they did use wooden torches with actual flame. With a little more experience with British English, I now understand that this device is actually a flashlight. Whoops!

If you can find a copy of this, it's worth the read. I'd love to hear if Ms. Turnbull ever re-releases this gem. Even now, I think it has the potential to do well for a whole new generation of readers.

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