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by Joyelle McSweeney

This was given to me as a gift last year, and I finally decided to pick it up. Joyelle McSweeney clearly knows how to handle language. Although the middle section of the book was difficult for me to understand at times, I was always fascinated by her ownership of rhythm and rhyme. There are some beautiful sounds in this book. McSweeney also has an expansive vocabulary, and knows how to use words wisely. Her word choice creates a luxurious, campy reading experience. The feeling of campiness is emphasized by the fact that she uses Jack Smith's "Normal Love" as an example throughout the work. Of course the movie's creator helped found the idea of "camp" as we know it, so it only emphasized that mood.

I enjoyed McSweeney's argument about the pastoral. She argues that we create a parallel universe to our own, the pastoral, where we can escape in times of illness (predominantly physical illness, but it is insinuated at times that it is/can be emotional.) Although the pastoral is idealized for it's simplicity and for nature itself, we enjoy exaggerating/altering it. The pastoral "convulses" on itself— it distorts time. It is the past, the present, and the future. McSweeney argues that this place is also equivalent to art, the occult, and death itself— the more fake these places are, the more powerful they are.

These arguments were established in the first section of the collection, an essay that uses "Normal Love" to explain her definition of the pastoral. They were explored in a list-poem at the end of the collection.

The middle section, a series of poems titled "King Prion," did not add much to this exploration. While some were relatively well written, they brought the collection down overall.

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