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by Gillian Freeman

This is an intriguing bit of history, both because it was written in the mid-1960s when sexual liberty was under discussion openly for the first time in decades and because of the subject matter - the types of pornographic literature available at the time.

The inclusion of women's magazines from a feminist perspective and Marvel Comics from a fetishistic perspective make it a true curiousity. It is not a great book. It is of its time. But it is useful to read because it shows how much we have changed since then. Intellectuals cannot now be quite so po-faced and mildly patronising about other people's sexual fantasies.

The violence implicit , often explicit, in the underground pornography marketed to a generation of males damaged by war and social disruption has become more ritualised and mainstream. We seem to have become nicer. The book works as an argument against suppression of vice.

Personally, I liked finding out how boringly 'normal' I am (despite best efforts to be more interesting) and the relevant chapter renewed sympathy for trans-gender people who went through more hell even than the gay and lesbian communities during the dark days from Queen Victoria to the 1950s. One for the library and for reference purposes.

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