ePub The Runner ePub

by Keith Gray

An odd little tale.

Jason escapes his arguing parents, skipping school, in order to seek the safe haven of his student brother in Liverpool. To travel from London by train is an adventure and challenge for an 11-year old boy who throughout the journey is scared of being discovered, but also experiences the thrill of being out of school. On the train he meets an enigmatic boy, Jam, who reveals his life as a homeless boy who travels across Britain by train, avoiding ticket inspectors. This life doesn't appear particularly appealing to Jason but he is fascinated by Jam nonetheless.

The denouement, that Jam is a fantasist, and has been making all his stories up, is arresting, but left me a little cold. The author has been playing with us...but I will remember Jam's character, so we can say perhaps Keith Gray has done well here to create such a memorable character.

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ePub The Runner
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