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by Jaime Bayly

Bobby's destiny turned sour the day he became a cripple. Ashamed of him, his parents send him to study abroad, and onboard the ship he's abused and mistreated by the crew. Humiliated, Bobby reaches a decision: never again to be a victim but become the one victimizing. A heartless aficionado of firearms and motorcycles who is incapable of feeling loyalty or love, he returns to Lima ready to avenge his hindered luck. "Mad" Pancho is a dim, unattractive, dirty and stuttering man who also suffers from uncontrollable lust. Just as life in a faraway hacienda seems to be putting his existence back in order, the agrarian reform forces him to return to Lima. Unable to adapt to the customs of the bourgeoisie, he becomes a marihuana addict, a hippie. After burning his ID papers, he abandons his family and flees to the mountains in search of an ever elusive peace. El cojo y el loco is the brutal and dizzying story of the life of two upper-class young men from Lima. Victims of the cruelty and humiliation of their parents, they become unscrupulous men, prepared to do away with everything that stands in their way. Their quality as outcasts ultimately comes from the inconsistencies between their physical traits—a limp, a stutter—and the values of their social class, where all that is different is considered abnormal, a deformity and a stain on the family name and, as such, must be kept hidden.

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