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by Albert Jack

Yet another book that could have been so much better if an editor had taken even a cursory glance at it !! It harks back to my youth so I'd expected to really enjoy it and maybe would have if it had been checked.
I ended up so worn down by it in the early hours I just skimmed through the rest from 58% onwards in order to be done with it. Hardly the pleasurable experience it could have been.
Whole chunks of it were repeated over and over ad nauseum. There were a lot of missing fullstops, missing words, starting morphed into stating, there were missed apostrophes, complement became compliment, Start ! suddenly lots its exclamation mark, Tracie's name was misspelt and horribly Buckler suddenly ended up as Bucker !!!
There were some interesting trivial bits 'n' pieces I'd not heard of before and maybe there were more if I'd carried on persevering. You'd need to be a massive fan to want to wade through it, though. I'm shocked the authors were so disparaging of The Bitterest Pill too. It charted way higher than some of the tracks they chose to extol.
Paul Weller didn't really come out of this very well, either. He seemed a stroppy, petulant arse throughout a lot of it, I'm afraid. However, his dad seemed a similar personality too from the way he was described throughout.

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