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by Gwen Bailey

After having lost Micky, I hoped that Edgar would agree to have another dog. I bought this book as a "convincing technique", I confess! It's very good in the sense that it not only tells you how much exercise the dog needs, it also says if it'd be happy in town or in the country, if its fur will be a problem, or its jowels (e.g. for Basset Hounds), if it will respond well to training or no. In addition the full-colour pictures are a great help (also giving exact measurements of the dog) - I never knew that Irish Wolfhounds are bigger than Great Danes until this book came along! They also don't live as long as Danes do. The book also contains the weirdest dog, it's called a "Bergamasco": its hair turns into spoon-like ladles over its hind legs.

Edgar has, however, always been against having three dogs and reasoned that since Micky died shortly before our move into Pietermaritzburg, it was "not meant to be". My situation worsened ... and I was paging through this and many other doggy books, yearning. Maybe even stupidly yearning for Micky, rather than anything else! When it looked as if Edgar might agree to it, I even voted for a Cocker Spaniel. But became more depressed.

... and worse ... (not only because of our pet situation)

So that by the end of 2007, Edgar was avidly looking for a Great Dane without my knowing. By this stage I'd given up all hope of everything and anything. Great was my surprise when he revealed that all his secrecy was related to a blue Great Dane he'd tracked down in Heidelberg. We drove all the way there to pick Ascha up - a beautiful blue Dane that looks like an oversized Weimeraner! Born in December 2007, she's still going strong and absolutely adorable (by the way, Dr Peterson gave her a good looking over before she settled in).

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