ePub White Bikini Panties ePub

by Kelly James-Enger

At twenty-eight, Trina Elder's living a careful life, waiting for whatever's supposed to happen to happen. Only it's not. She's got a decent job writing copy for cooking products. Okay, so it's not the Great American Novel, but making turkey basters sound fascinating does pay the rent. So what that her older sister—the "smart, successful one"—is happily married, and her younger sister—the "really pretty one"—is taking on the world. At least Trina, the "forgotten, Jan Brady one" has her sensible Chicago apartment, her grown-up Garanimals wardrobe, and her cute boyfriend, Rick. Rick, who shares her addiction to E! True Hollywood Story, Rick, who's hot without being weird. Rick, who doesn't complicate things with marriage proposals. Cheating, lying Rick, who just got caught making out on his couch with a bimbo from DeVry Technical School. And just like that, Trina's go along-get along world is gone. Now, the girl who has always followed the rules—work hard, get good grades, get a good job, and you'll be set—is throwing it all away and reshaping her life, starting with her underwear drawer. Goodbye sensible, white bikini panties; hello thongs and sexy push-up bras. Healing her broken heart means it's time for the new Trina—the wild, adventurous Trina; the "oh my god, what was I thinking?" Trina; the standing-up-for-herself Trina. The Trina Nobody Expects has arrived, and she just may be the thing the real Trina's been waiting for...

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ePub White Bikini Panties
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