ePub The Day the President Killed the United States ePub

by Al Case

Conspiracy theories, are they real?

You might change your mind about conspiracy theories after you read ‘The Day the President Killed the United States!’

Day one, and a man drops a light bulb filled with toxin in a subway. People are sick within an hour, they have six hours to walk around normal, spreading the disease, and then the Flu known as ‘The 24 Hour Death’ kicks in.

Jim Lerner is one of the first carriers, yet he is immune. In a riveting, minute by minute accounting, he watches as his friends and family catch the disease, as the disease spreads wider and wider.

He watches as the United States dies, and he sees the larger conspiracy surfacing.

Executive orders passed long ago are suddenly enacted.

FEMA camps are filled.

Homeland Security, an agency which bought enough ammunition to kill everybody in the United States 1000 times over, comes to power.

Who planned this?

In the most frightening conspiracy theory novel ever written, the author details exactly how the United States will be taken over.

If you think the top conspiracy theories of Jesse Ventura might be real, if you have ever been to the top conspiracy theory websites, like Alex Jones’, then this amazing novel is your meat!

If you enjoyed 'The Stand' by Stephen King, or other end of the world novels, you are going to be in reading heaven.

If you just want a heads up so that you can prepare...this is the book.

Read about how and why the United States will be murdered in this blockbusting novel of conspiracy theories that not only could come to pass, but is in the wings just waiting to be enacted.

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