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by Maurice Leblanc

The Mysterious Railway Passenger by Maurice LeBlanc

My conclusion? What a kerfuffle:
I can’t make head or tail of this story.
Why go on about it?
Well, it is part of my daily ritual, to write about what I have read
And then, Positive Psychology recommends it
With, among arguments, the incentive that if you write down what happened to you
-Extended to what you have read- things make better sense, you find a structure…

Let’s see:
Our hero – there you go, from the start I am puzzled by the question- who is our hero?
Arsene Lupin, a look alike, an impression in a dream?

This brings to mind a movie I have seen twenty five years ago: Once Upon in America
With Robert de Niro in the lead role. At the end, he is smoking an opium pipe which seems to convey the subliminal message that it was all a dream, or some part of the story.

In the first scenes there is a man steeping into a compartment of a railway carriage, where a woman is waiting with her husband for the train to leave the station. The husband says goodbye and, as the train starts to move, a man jumps on.
The woman is terrified and says that this is the fugitive Arsene Lupin.
From here on, I kinda’of lost it. It may have to do with the complexity of the saga, my low EQ, substandard capacity to see people change roles or a plain lack of focus and attention.
In the morning I go jogging with my dogs and the latest ritual includes listening to plays or short stories on the phone. Once in a while I have to stop to call my dogs; sometimes there is a kerfuffle, since we share a rather large field, with what I perceive as a huge…Flock of Sheep and some goats. The little goats are tempting for the borzoi, the dogs of the shepherds are aggressive and…one loses the plot and Arsene Lupin…
By the time my borzois get back Arsene Lupin is no longer where I left him. Worse, he seems to have transformed himself. Come to think it, maybe this story is the basis for the Transformers script- I wouldn’t know: never seen it and never will, nor the 15 sequels or complications with transformers fighting X Men or Iron men, or whatever.

Well, writing about it did not make me dig it. I still do not understand who Arsene was, what happened to the other guy. If you get it, send me a note…like Oblomov, I am too lazy to read it again and I was not so thrilled with what I did get from the story, to go throug

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