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by Donna Partow

Donna Partow uses a lot of real-life examples of people and situations to help you understand the four personality types of Melancholy, Choleric, Sanguine, and Phlegmatic.

Things I like:
-There is a 40-question quiz at the beginning of the book that jumbles the order of the descriptive words so you don't notice when you pick words that fall into the same category.(This will be easier to understand when you take the quiz.)
-She defines each word from the quiz in a glossary in the back.This is such a helpful resource that most quiz designers don't think about, but different words mean different things to people depending on their grasp of the English language, their region, education, age, etc.
-She describes a woman's purse for each personality type that really gives a great indication to what type of personality she is discussing.
-She describes how men, babies, children, and teens fall into the personality types.
-Her descriptions of these types in your children are thorough.

Things I don't like:
-I don't think she understood the Melancholy/Perfect type very well because she made some seemingly light jokes about people who are that type throughout the book that were not very funny and not very accurate.In fact it seemed like she discussed more of the negative sides than the positive.(But I understand since she is the Sanguine/Popular type herself, which is the exact opposite type.)
-I don't understand why this book has to be "A Woman's Guide," and "exclusively for women."This is a concept that can and is applied to every person, which she says herself in the beginning of the book.Yet, she focuses only on an average woman's perspective.
-She tried to explain how to apply these personality types to family members, but she does not go into depth about how to apply them to friends, coworkers, or acquaintances.
-She does not touch on how a person can have multiple aspects of these types, except for saying just that in the beginning of the book.This makes her section on "Understanding Your Marriage" not as useful as it could be.
-She only describes the relationship between mother and children instead of touching on how fathers relate to their children.Another reason why I don't agree that this should be "exclusively for women."Besides, isn't it good for mothers to understand her childrens' relationships with their father as well?

Overall this was a decent guide to the four (cut and dry) personality types.Even though there were quite a lot of things I didn't like about the book, I am still giving it a 4 out of 5 because most of what I didn't like related to how women interact with their husbands and that was a smaller portion of the book.

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