ePub The World's Greatest Books, Volume 8 ePub

by Arthur Mee

I was not a fan of "The World's Greatest Books" series.They are digests, but pose themselves (or at least did back when I purchased them) as anthologies.The digests are so "digested" that there is very little of the original work left.

I prefer to read my books unabridged.I occasionally read a digest to as a preview sampler for other works, but with classics such as are contained here, I don't really feel that I need a sampler.

While I downloaded several of these, under the impression that they were anthologies, I will not be reading any of the others.

For someone interested in testing the waters of the pieces of classical fiction contained, these books might be a good choice.I saw nothing wrong with them as digests, I just prefer to avoid abridged fiction.

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ePub The World's Greatest Books, Volume 8
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