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by Nick Cooney

Very interesting book and well worth reading, however, I found a number of the suggestions skeezy at best, downright unethical at worst. Looking up local people on Facebook and choosing who to develop a friendship with in real life based upon who has the most friends so you can effect more people through that person seems duplicitous and manipulative. Using people is not a good way to enact change, even if it works. Just because something is effective doesn't necessiarily mean it's something one *should* do.

As far as the suggestion to dress like the upscale mainstream since people are often biased toward appearance, I found it interesting how thoroughly the author endorsed this, despite the fact that the book also states that those who are swayed by power and affluence are the least likely to make lasting changes to their lives for ethical reasons. Since the majority of vegans I've encountered look more like me than like a C.E.O. it makes me wonder if more mainstream activists should be dressing like bookish punky/gothy nerds instead of little business suits, if I were to take the look theory seriously. Hrm.

Overall, a very interesting read that will encourage some very interesting discussions. Read it with a friend and you definitely won't lack for conversation.

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