ePub Beyond the Tempest Gate ePub

by Jeff Suwak

Gabriel Aterias spent his entire life preparing for one thing: to slay the demon Elezear in its black nest beyond the Tempest Gate.

By the time he was 24, he had already led the Church's armies to greater victories than any man before him. He slayed the pagan giant Emir and left him dead atop his mountain. He conquered the barabarian tribes of the south. He hunted down every last dragon in the world and snuffed them out completely.

Yet, now he prepares to face an evil that defies human understanding, an evil that existed long before the human world.

There are those who say that his quest will spell the end of humankind. For Gabriel, the fearful uncertainty of the detractor's is merely cowardice and a lack of faith.

Is Gabriel Aterias the savior of the world, or is he the narcisist that will usher in its destruction?

The answer lies beyond the Tempest Gate.

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ePub Beyond the Tempest Gate
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