ePub Chosen by the Alpha (the chosen book1) ePub

by Gail Merriweather

It was going so well until Melanie and Keith fell into a barely built up lust for each other and things got real heavy real fast for pretty much no reason at all (in my humble opinion). The two-week period of blah was quite annoying. I hated the vague and summary feel it had, wanting to experience the built up time period, rather than hearing it in the off-handed way that it was delivered to us. It didn't even reveal ANY kind of importance to the story. It was just so POINTLESS. The only purpose it served was to take up unnecessary space. Besides the run-in that Melanie had with a group of corrupt coppers at the very beginning of the book, the story was incredibly uneventful.

I've said it numerous time, but I suppose I should say it again... Authors: Expand your dang plots! Please!! The readers really want to read what you have to write, so WRITE!! There's no point in writing what amounts to a short story if you can't take the time to get the story to where it's supposed to go. You can't just write random crap and call it literature. Readers and writers alike deserve more effort than that. So bust out your writer's cap, Merriweather, and write a story that readers can sink their teeth into. Help us to actually care about the characters that invade your thoughts. We want to know as much as sanely possible (or insanely; who am I to judge) about the lives and stories that your characters bring into our own lives. We take the time to read your stories, so take the time to actually write them.

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