ePub The Nightbound Trilogy ePub

by Leila Bryce Sin

This collection contains Volumes One through Three of the Roxy Quinn Fantasies. These are erotic novellas that contain explicit material.


After the horror of the Moon Madness (see: Elfmoon - a Taryn Malloy Fantasy), Roxy Quinn leaves town to clear her head. It’s been too long for this Bright Elf since she’s recharged her magic. When she arrives in Las Vegas she is greeted by Killian, the Dark Elf whom she has desired for a very long time.

Killian, knowing Roxy needs to refuel her magic, offers her a ticket to the new show in town: an operetta performed by a vampire troupe from Europe. Little does Roxy know that audience participation is required.

A whirlwind weekend is ahead of Roxy filled with blood, lust and the possibility of something more with the mysterious Dark Elf.

The continuation of the erotic adventures of Bright Elf, Roxy Quinn.

Roxy has returned home after her whirlwind Vegas weekend. At the club on a lazy Wednesday night, the management has invited an absinthe proprietor to hold a tasting. Not one for the hallucinogenic drink, Roxy tries to avoid the promiscuous little green fairies, but the cunning, mysterious Reynard is difficult to say no to.

Roxy finds herself sipping the dangerous drink and succumbing to the advances of the fox shifter and his gleaming smile. Lost in a haze of lust and excitement, the two are unaware of the disappearing fairies. Reynard feels the absence of his magical companions and Roxy rushes to help him look for them only to discover an old rival has followed Reynard and kidnapped the fairies. Roxy and Reynard must hurry to save the fairies from their iron prison before they fade out of existence and take Reynard with them.

The continuation of the Roxy Quinn Fantasies.

After time apart, Roxy is excited to be invited to the mysterious North by her Dark Elf lover, Killian, to celebrate the winter festival. But sometimes the journey is more exciting than the destination. Roxy is quickly whisked away by the tempting cold magic of the Dark Elves on the luxury cruise ship she sails on. With lessons in love, lust and bondage, Roxy and Killian must explore where their relationship is really going and what they truly mean to each other.

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