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by Karen Robards

After all these years, I still seriously enjoyed this one.One of my old favs from the 80's, Night Magic features an almost washed up super spy and a plucky romance novelist thrust together because of the big bad Soviets- that's Russians for the youngin's.(Interesting how Russians still feature prominently as bad guys in many a romance novel, however now as drug dealer/mobsters rather than enemies of the States.These guys do bad good I guess.)

John "Jack" McClain is all but out of the spy business, forced into Desk Jockeydom after a deal gone bad antecedent to a breakdown. Yet, he somehow becomes embroiled in a game of cat and mouse to catch a major Soviet sleeper agent who is about to attempt to assassinate the Secretary of State.

The book opens with Jack daringly escaping the bad guys- with the help of dolphins oddly enough- and making his way to a hospital.At the hospital they catch up with Jack and blame the melee that ensues on him so that the cops believe he's a renegade psycho they need to bring in.

Meanwhile Clara Winston, romance novelist having just completed her latest book, is ready for some down time at her remote family home, having no idea the trouble about to rain down on her head.

They come together when the bad guys, believing that Jack is her boyfriend because of a dedication in one of her previous novels, break into her house and threaten her life.Jack, having followed the bad guys to her place assumes she's with them till she comes running out of her house and right into him.They escape, together with her mean old fat cat, Puff (as in The Magic Dragon)- who is as memorable as the H/h- now on the run from the bad guys AND the cops.

Considering herself stolid and stay at home, Clara wants no part of this madman who obviously gets high on danger but is nowin it up to her neck.(Besides he infuriates the crap out of her!) Their willy nilly flight from danger will test her mettle- and she is just as surprised as Jack with the steel in her spine that results.Oh, they do discover who the man is pulling the trigger, thanks to some microfilm, (::snort:: microfilm), but not till after being chased by police dogs, going over a falls and sleeping in a hollowed out log in the woods- and capture, torture and escaping again!

Ok, this book is a tad over-the-top, but hey it was written in the 80's, everything was over-the-top in the 80's, from our hair to our clothes to our bad guys!It was a hoot reading it once again, thirty yrs later O_O, with the outdated references,and still it worked for me.

Clara and Jack are great together, as they mutually prejudge and bicker with each other, from the very beginning. They go toe to toe like the best of romantic/comedy couples, creating tons of sexual tension which the author relieves quite fittingly.::srsly thought some hot stuff there for the age of this novel::

There is also a scene where the bad guys torture her to get Jack to talk that stuck with me as much as anything in this book because of the way the author "went there" which, believe me, NOBODY did in romance novels back then.(She wasn't raped, thank God, but how the authored played it was very effective, imo. His and her actions, I still feel, seem believable.Well, for a romance novel anyway...)

It's a great book, though I think I'm pretty much alone on thinking so.Don't know why it does it for me, but I'm glad it does.(I'm totally gonna go back to some of my other old favs and see if any of them still strike the same chord too!)

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