ePub A Memoir of Love (Memoirs of Life, #1) ePub

by Jessiqua Wittman

The year is 2143 C.E.
The place is an insignificant settler cell in the Damascus region. Consumed with unrest and divided by indecision, it is the perfect battlefield for the spiritual forces of a post-apocalyptic world.
The original inhabitants of this land were descendants of the ancient Hadadian kings of Damascus, but after the second Great War ended, the refugees from the destroyed population centers nearby decided to call this area their new home. The Hadadians fell easily to their following conquest. They were already weak from religious skirmishes within themselves, and the covetous refugees were far more advanced technologically.
That was all sixty years ago. This year, 2143, our year, is the period everything is going to change for the forgotten kingdom. We, the multicultural grandchildren of that history, are ripe for a social Revolution. Our Settler’s Senate Council have proved themselves incompetent as leaders time and time again, and now war is looming with our European neighbor, Charn. Our last hope is to elect a Hadadian king to take the reins of our riotous people and rule like a man again.
Corruption loves company, and it never rests until anarchy reigns…

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ePub A Memoir of Love (Memoirs of Life, #1)
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