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by Joe Henderson

The 1970s, which came to be known as the Running Boom years (and later the first Running Boom), books about this sport sold better than ever before #x2013; or since. Rich Benyo writes in his new Foreword to Joe Henderson#x2019;s 1976 book, Long Run Solution: #x201c;In all the excitement, one of the best running books of its generation was overshadowed, overwhelmed and overlooked.#x201d; Benyo, editor of MarathonBeyond magazine, now pick this as his #x201c;favorite book of the running revolution#x2026; There isn#x2019;t a five-year period in which I don#x2019;t pick up Long Run Solution and read it again, both to bring back the energizing effect of validating long-distance running as an adult pursuit and as an antidote to a too-pressured, too-stressed life#x2026; Today#x2019;s long-distance runner, enjoying this simple little sport and lifestyle, can learn much from this simple little book.#x201d;

In his updated Introduction, Joe Henderson names Long Run Solution as his own favorite book of the two dozen he has published: #x201c;This book is my clearest statement of how I feel about running. Much of what I#x2019;ve written since is touched on here, and most of these feelings have changed little in the meantime#x2026; Naming LRS as my favorite book might sound like a knock on the 15 or so books that followed, but it really isn#x2019;t. They served purposes, just as races do after the last personal record is set. There is value #x2013; even a certain nobility #x2013; in keeping going after we#x2019;ve peaked. Which is the message of the book: Do what it takes to run long, not in miles but in years and decades.#x201d;

A simple, sample statement from the original book, available again in this electronic reissue: #x201c;The challenge of running is not to aim at doing the things no one else has done, but to keep doing things anyone could do #x2013; but most never will. It#x2019;s harder sometimes to keep going back over the same ground you#x2019;ve covered a thousand times before than to go someplace you#x2019;ve never been. It#x2019;s harder to get down to the little, everyday tasks than to get up for the big, special ones.#x201d;

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