ePub Kat Scratch Fever (Kat Scratched Trilogy #1) ePub

by D.T. Dyllin

Katrina, better known as Kat, is a were-leopard (which means a woman who shifts into a leopards form). Raised by werewolves she is far from ordinary. When people start to find out about her secret relationship with the future Alpha leader she decides to leave. Seven years later a simple encounter will change her life.

D.T. Dyllin delights us again with her style for telling stories, creating an engaging world, easy to understand, believable and entertaining. This is a fast and exciting story about shifters with huge doses of action, danger and sex.

Being a short book (only 117 pages on my pdf version) the story moves on chapter by chapter.Surprises get to you with every page and you never know what is coming.

Kat is a great character. She has a strong personality but has some flaws that make her more real. The author has a way of creating leading ladies that are relatable not only for their strengths but also for their defects.She is not perfect and is not trying either, she just wants to be happy and protect those she loves.

In this book we have two male characters that somehow compete for Kat’s attention. Jason and James are incredible. Both of them are sexy as hell, alpha males with all that comes with it and each one of them is good for Kat at some level.

This is an adult’s book so as you can imagine there is sex in it. Let me tell you that I love the way the author writes about this, she has a great style for writing high voltage romance and you can sense that she is conformable writing about it.

Overall, this is an excellent start for an exciting trilogy. Paranormal and romance lovers should read this book.

*** I received an ecopy from the author in exchange of an honest review. ***

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ePub Kat Scratch Fever (Kat Scratched Trilogy #1)
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