ePub Bad Wolf, Be Good ePub

by J.E. Keep

No one dared to go in the forest, but one young woman was raised there.

Sweet and pristine, the dark beasts of the woods knew not to touch her for fear of her mystical grandmother. Yet the beast that stalks her has nothing to fear of being cursed. Nothing to lose if he takes her virginity.

Warning, this scorching novelette contains dubious consent and breeding by a werewolf, and a romantic, twisted, happily ever after. Just as a dark fairy tale should. TW: extremely graphic scenes of reluctant sex in a dark fantasy environment.


Her lavender eyes were bright and cheerful against the pale white of her skin, the bright red dress hanging from her shoulders over her svelte form. Ribbons snaked up her legs from her shoes, accentuating the strong curves of her calves before they disappeared beneath her crimson skirts. Her white hair was filled with flowers and tied up with a bow, the end of her ponytail tracing between her pale, naked shoulder blades.

She hummed a familiar old ditty that she’d heard some of the children singing in the town, with a line about being “wary of the dangers that lurked beyond the border,” but it was comforting rather than terrifying. She enjoyed her privacy, after all.

Having traversed that path through the forest countless times in her young life, and many of them alone since her grandmother no longer felt up to the trip, she felt little reason to fear it. None of the locals would’ve dared trouble her. They saw her unnaturally pale hair as a sign of what they already feared, of course.

Night was approaching and the light filtering in through the trees above slowly grew dimmer.

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ePub Bad Wolf, Be Good
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