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by Paulette Bourgeois

This was a good book to help children understand how it feels to be 'the new kid' at school or on the block. The only reason I didn't place this as 4 star (because the storyline was worth it) Franklin the turtle is a bit on the 'whiney' side for my taste and that is a negative in my book so one star was taken off for that.

Franklin sees movers moving new furniture into the house in the neighborhood. He becomes scared because the furniture is for GIANTS! He then realizes that a family of moose are moving in. He's never seen moose before and are afraid of them because they are so big and so different than him and his friends. When he gets to school the next day he finds out that his new classmate is a 'little' boy from the moose family but he's SO BIG! Mr Owl reminds everyone to be nice and welcoming to moose, and assigns Franklin to be Moose buddy for the day. Franklin doesn't want to and at first doesn't do a good job; going off and playing with his old friends and doing things away from Moose. But then Mr Owl pulls him aside and reminds him that not matter what our size we all can be scared in our life. And for him to think about if it was him moving to a new house, new neighborhood, school etc how would he feel... then Franklin changes his mind and realizes that Moose was lonely and frightened too. At the end of the book they are best buddies teaching children that making new friends is a good thing.

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