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by Peter Temple

Sex, humour, story, characters all up to scratch.

p. 103

’Pure animal, some vets,’ I said.
She smiled at me. ‘This one comes on like he’s got a Rottweiler stuffed down the front of his jeans.’
‘Probably a Jack Russell thinks it’s a Rottweiler.’
‘It’s not the size of the bit that counts.’
‘What counts?’
‘How long they gnaw at you’


Flannery was in one of the sheds working under the hood of a Holden ute by the light of a portable hand lamp. The vehicle was covered in stickers saying things like Toot to Root and Emergency Sex Vehicle and Bulk Sperm Carrier.
‘My cousin’s boy’s,’ he said. ‘Virgin vehicle. Never had a girl in it.’
‘I can see he’s waiting for someone special,’ I said.

p. 183

She gave me the thumbs up, hand cocked forward. Three things went through my mind. One, she’d come to watch me play without being asked. Two, she’d come with another man. Three, don’t be a stupid prick.

pp. 252-3

Leon’s a charming person,’ she said. His problem is chronic envy. Non-specific envy. His greatest fear is that he’s missing something, that there’s something he should be doing, that there’s something he doesn’t know about or hasn’t got that will make him happy or complete. If he saw a man leading a duck down the road on a piece of string and looking at peace, Leon would send someone out to buy a duck and give it a try for fifteen minutes. Then he’s say fuck this duck, why’s that woman on the bicycle look so pleased?’

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